Pasionaria was born in Nicaragua in a very creative and cultural family. Her father is one of the country’s best known and respected author and cultural writers. Pasionaria was already as young a promising artist and great talent. She got a lot of press and attention, as well as several awards in her home country.

She has had very successful exhibitions in Miami, Rio De Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Sofia, Managua, Caracas and Stockholm. Both public and private exhibitions.


Her art is hanging in many homes across the world. Pasionaria is a qualified civil engineer, but her dream was to devote herself to art and the led her to paint side to side of her professional career. She has also studied industrial design. Her inspiration for painting disappeared for many years, after a tragic event in the family, but since some years, she has regained her passion for art. The name of her first exhibition in Sweden is

”Passion by Pasionaria”.





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