Fanny Larsson

About the Artist

Fanny Larsson is a Swedish artist, and she has been working professionally for several years now. Fanny works from her lovely glass-ceiling studio in a quiet patio in Stockholm city. Through her work she explores themes of movements, joy and free soulful expression.

 Her goal is to celebrate creative movement and free soulful expression within us. To bring inspiration, presence and joyful aliveness to the world and everyone in it.


Behind The Art

Fanny has always been fascinated by the power of nature, ocean, movement and our human experience with body, mind and emotions. Together with 15 years of yoga and meditation practice these are her truest sources of inspiration. She believes in moving freely with colours without expectations or right or wrong. And that making art comes from the body and a deeper source where the mind stays completely silent.

 Her aim is for you to create your own journey and adventure through her paintings. To offer a space where you feel free and curious. Fanny believes that art can be enjoyed by everyone. And in its power to reveal a deeper connection within you.


From The Beginning

Her passion for art is a lifelong romance. At the age of 3 she has been told to have said that she wants to be an artist when she grows up. Fanny has always painted. But her career began after going through a challenging life event when she was 20. Thats when she discovered how she through art could shift her state of mind and emotions from stress to ease and pure joyful presence.

She painted at the floor of her bedroom and later in all sorts of spaces while travelling the world carrying canvas rolls and paints over the boarders in Latin America and at the beach in Bali. Suddenly people started asking her to buy the pieces. They told her how the colours made them feel happy and inspired. And that they wanted that in their homes and lives. She realised that the vibrant positive feelings she experienced while paining also was shared with the person seeing it. And the power each painting holds is what keeps her going every day.