Anne Gro Starefoss Greve

Utställning 14 januari - 1 februari 2020
Vernissage 18 januari, kl 11-16

Anne Gro Starefoss Grev

About me:

Inspired by the nordic fauna, mountains and fjords.

Educated as a decorator, and worked for many years as manager of purchasing and marketing for Tilbords; a Norwegian chain of interior shops. Designer and founder of Nordic Weather, a clothing brand producing elegant and high-quality outdoor garments. I’ve always been painting and drawing on my spear time, but are now enjoying creating artwork on a full-time basis – with a particular interest in acrylic painting on canvas, pastel, chalk and digigrafi

A tribute to the strenght, wisdom and proudness of women all over the world.

Acrylic on linnen canvas 70x90x3,5 cm
We are all sisters
We stand with our brothers who respect us
We are all equal
We nourish the earth that gives us life
We trust women's intuition
We respect our collective strenght
We unify the wisdom
We share a dream
We are women