Omid Ghorab


Februari 2017

Omid Ghorab

My name is Omid and I was born in 1978 in Iran / Tehran. I moved to Sweden in 1989 because of the war. I am an artist's soul. Painting is my passion. Throughout my childhood, the family called me little Picasso. With my art I want to convey the feeling and the viewer to interpret different things in the images depending what the viewer wears. My motivation is to continue to develop and make art meaningful. My paintings are painted with acrylic and sleep in category "Abstract / Modern Art". They inspire a sense of warmth, playfulness and rustic feel. With my art I want to convey human emotion through a universal visual language of abstract forms and colors that transcends cultural and physical boundaries. For me, abstract art, the ideal visual mode to express "inner necessity" of me as an artist and to convey universal human emotions and ideas. Greatest inspiration is nature and various essential items that have aged and have something to tell in a natural abstract and inspires a feeling that can not describe in words. Structure permeates all my works. The painting can be hung on the wall in four different ways depending on how you look on the board. The board can be seen from different angles and dimensions and thus obtain different and appearance depending on your feelings and experiences.

Past Exhibitions

  • Christmas Collection Galleri Eklund Stockholm 26/11-17/12 2016
  • Exhibition Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 13/10-16/10 (2016) Presented By Galleri Eklund Stockholm
  • Summer Exhibition (18 Maj - 27 Augusti) 2016 Galleri Kim Anstensen Göteborg
  • Galleri Gka Kim Anstensen Göteborg "Spring Exhibition" (28 April -19 Maj) 2016
  • Galleri Lohme Exhibition Malmö "Heart Meet Senses" (27 februari - 19 mars) 2016
  • Galleri Kim Anstensen­ Göteborg "Exhibition January Collection" (16 jan - 4 feb) 2016
  • Elite Park Avenue Göteborg

(19 September 2015 - 1 Januari) 2016

  • SAND&VALL Österlen (Juli-Augusti) 2015
  • Secondhand store Göteborg (April) 2015
  • Lilla galleriet Göteborg (Mars) 2015



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